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About Skillnet Ireland

Skillnet Ireland is a state funded, enterprise-led support body dedicated to the promotion and facilitation of training and upskilling as key elements in sustaining Ireland’s national competitiveness.

They support and fund networks of enterprises to engage in training under the Training Networks Programme (TNP).  These networks are led and managed by the enterprises themselves to design, manage and deliver specific training programmes across a broad range of industry and service sectors nationwide.

Since 1999, Skillnet Ireland has facilitated over 70,000 Irish enterprises, in over 400 networks to improve the range, scope and quality of training and allowed over 300,000 employees to upskill and meet their work related training needs.

Under the Training Networks Programme (TNP) 2018/19 Skillnet networks are also providing training to job-seekers, who train with those in employment. By training with those in employment, job-seekers have access to networking opportunities and can keep up to date with their sector while participating in relevant industry-specific training programmes.

For further information on Skillnet Ireland, please visit:  www.skillnetireland.ie 


Enhancing management capacity, particularly in SMEs, is a national policy imperative and a major priority for Skillnet Ireland and our networks.

The suite of Skillnet Ireland Management Development Management Programmes are available to help business owners and managers improve business performance and enable businesses achieve better results. Click here for more information.